Monday, September 5, 2011

Sai-jutsu at Mesa Karate in Phoenix East Valley

Soke Hausel teaching Sai at Corbett
Gym at the University of Wyoming
Soke Hausel, 10th dan in Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo, began teaching saijutsu to karate classes on Wednesday afternoon at the Seiyo Kai International Hombu in Mesa and Gilbert. The Hombu is also the Arizona School of Traditional Karate dojo. Those also attending evening kobudo classes on Thursdays were also introduced to the sai.

Kate Lehman, demonstrates sai at
University of Wyoming International
week. Campus Shorin-Ryu Karate &
Kobudo Club.
Members training on Wednesday afternoons (3-4 pm) focus on kara-te kata and bunkai along with kobudo. Currently this class is focusing on the sai ()(Okinawan fork knifes). The Thursday evening classes (6:45-7:45 & 7:50-8:20 pm) began training in Tonfa (トンファー) last fall (2011) and in April (2012) basically finished training with nitonfa (two tonfa) and self-defense applications (bunkai). The group will plan to test and certify in Tonfa in late May 2012 by demonstrating kihon (basics), three different tonfa kata, along with many applications for self-defense.

In Early May, the evening group began training in Sai along with the use of one tonfa for self-defense. Many law enforcement agencies around the world have used a baton similar to the Okinawan sai or are still using this baton. Training in one-sai will help our students to better understand police tactics and defenses with this weapon. However, few (if any) law enforcement agencies go into depth as our classes.
Hanshi Finley (7th dan) trains with tonfa at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate in Mesa,
Arizona. Here he uses a reverse grip of the baton.
Katharine defends Adam's Bo Attack with juji uke using
her tonfa.
Training in Tonfa Kata at the Arizona School of Traditional Martial Arts in Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona
Sai Kata training in the evening beach sand along the imaginary sea at the University of Wyoming Campus Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo Club in Laramie.
Sempai George from Boston
and his daughter Elaine from
Switzerland training with sai
at the Arizona Hombu in

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